davies greenwood IFU bubble diffuser

We specialise in the delivery of process products - from existing, long established products through to cutting-edge solutions.

IFU Fine Bubble Diffusers

Our key existing product is the IFU Fine Bubble Diffuser and we hold the sole distribution licence to sell and market this product in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

To find out more about the IFU Fine Bubble Diffuser - what it is, how it works and how it will benefit you, simply click here.

Delivery of Unfamiliar, New & Innovative Technology

We also specialise in helping to identify and promote cutting-edge technology. In the area of process technology, we assist in the development and demonstration of new process technologies. Our role includes undertaking market assessments, developing business plans and assisting in sales and marketing.

In this area, we promote awareness of the benefits of technology transfer not just from business area to business area but from country to country. Equally critical we provide the establishment of realistic routes to market.

At the moment we are working with Arvia™ Technology to assist in the delivery of their unique and ground-breaking technology to the Water Market.

In addition to our delivery of process products we also offer a consultancy service, click here to find out more. Or why not read about our recent projects, about Davies Greenwood or contact us to discuss your indvidual business needs.