Since 1977 IFU diffusers have been installed at more than 1,000 installations worldwide and they provide a reliable and robust aeration system with high oxygen transfer efficiencies. IFU's unique membrane design has advantages over many of its competitors through its improved asset life. IFU's design avoids the use of a membrane retention ring which can allow fine grit build up and increased wear leading to early failures.

In 2007, Davies Greenwood was granted from IFU (Germany) the Distribution Licence for the UK, Ireland and Australia.

As sole distributors we can provide a complete service for the IFU Fine Bubble Diffuser from design to commission to installation.

We would also recommend our IFU CombiMix System which is a portable Lift-in and Lift-out system that can be installed rapidly for use in emergencies.

In addition we offer five other IFU diffusers listed below, click the product name for more details:

More detailed specifications of the diffusers can be found by following this link to the IFU Germany website or you can contact us to discuss which product will best suit your needs.